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Brand Identity

 » A company logo is the basis for a company's brand establishment. Nimble Technologies is a leading global website company, today introduced its new logo and brand identity.

 » Nimble Technologies the most recognized brand in its industry has been the benchmark for designing of websites and associated with outstanding product performance and service for several years.

 » As the company kicks off its new strategic focus on break-through quality and innovation, Nimble Technologies wanted to relocate the brand and revive its logo to reflect its future track.

 » A carefully direct and well-implemented brand identity program will help carry the company's message to the targeted listeners.

 » Along with the brand mark we also enriched typography, color palette and other visual elements. Nimble Technologies has specific directions that should be considered to manage visual communication materials.

 » A unique qualified brand identity is extremely influential in creating a powerful measurable impact on the target audience while visually conveying the inherent strengths of the organization so we are

 » Nimble Technologies has recently announced several new innovations across its businesses, including new product development in packaging and films; website designing and hosting; searching and updating of the keywords for the website.

 » It intends to continue to develop and introduce significant new products for its customers in the coming months and years ahead.

 » Even before selecting a designer for the logo we also clarify certain basic things like:

What should the logo convey?
What is the basic identity of company today and what are the expansions plans?
What are objectives and strategy?
We study the product and its customers to come up with those ideas to commit to the 100% success of company


A company's brand is the sum of all the experiences the intended customers have with that company. The most successful brand strategies take advantage of the Web medium, using well-designed identity and navigation systems that showcase a site's purpose and provide the infrastructure for an intuitive user interface.Nimble's full service brand identity consultants providing brand name development, market research, trademark screening and linguistic services

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