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Facilities Data Conversion
Our facility management technology includes Data Conversion and Drawing Conversion & Managing facilities and drawings. We provide the advanced and widely adopted Data Processing services and facilities in Data Conversion.
Our developers always consider client requirements, source documents, database structure, production tools, quality assurance, quality control, acceptance criteria and delivery schedules in planning and executing your facilities in data conversion project
Data Base Development/Conversion
Our Company databases have become the solution for many data based developments which includes data use and studies, economic development reports, site selection and evaluation. We always use methods of compiling base maps and methods of converting these data into automated GIS/mapping systems.
We provide the best and economical solutions for the data base development and conversion. Data Base Development and Conversion always need high-end technology to provide conversion solutions to the clients. We are having very good professional team.
Data Migration from Digital Sources
Our Company provides a powerful and flexible framework for migrating, replicating, and manipulating data with in a single database system or across many data sources. This is called Data Migration Services and is mainly accessed through the DMS Migration Manager. Our DMS Migration Manager allows you to create, edit, load and save DMS Migration Packages
We know the power of this framework you will find that it is very extensible. Our DMS framework is very powerful and will do anything you ask it to - including replicating empty development tables to full production tables.
Data Maintenance
We have been designed to help you set up the Client Data System and perform periodic maintenance of the Data. We are having regular and continuous back ups of our clients data. We are maintaining the strong database of all our clients.
A reliable backup is necessary for any database. Should anything happen to your hardware, you will be able to restore your backup data to another machine and we can publish the data without losing the database. Determine a schedule for regular backups of the system. This can be done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the size of the database and amount of changes being made to it. If your staff only makes edits once a week, a weekly backup should be enough.

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